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Care & Maintenance

Water Resistance

All Omax watches are individually tested for water resistance and vary from 3ATM - 5ATM; please review details under watch descriptions. For your convenience, please review the table below for additional information:


Additional Water Resistance Care 

  • Do not put the watch in water while the crown is pulled out.
  • Do not turn or pull the crown while the watch is wet
  • Although the watch is tested for water resistance, over time, gasket tends to wear out so preservation is key. For longevity and preservation, wipe moisture off the watch with a soft dry cloth whenever needed.
  • Avoid running the watch directly under the faucet; the pressure from the water is enough to result in moisture penetration.
  • If using the watch in sea water, be sure to wash the watch with fresh water and wipe with a dry cloth

Shock Sensitivity

  • Avoid dropping the watch on hard surfaces as watch casing and movements are sensitive and can get aesthetically damaged fairly easily as a result
  • Avoid keeping the watch in extreme hot temperatures that may cause moisture and accelerate the deterioration of your timepiece